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Going The
Extra Mile

The bags are packed, the passport stamped, and the pre-check checked. At Birch, we love going the extra mile – figuratively and literally. We’re adventurers who live to land in new venues, spaces, and countries, stacked with the skill and spirit to make any creative challenge an opportunity. Our caliber of work has no boundaries, which means you can expect Birch-quality designs from anywhere in the world.

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Birch Beyond

Why bring Birch abroad? We believe a destination event is about more than the joy of a single night – it’s about creating a beautiful experience from end to end. No matter where your event leads, we will facilitate an adventure that excels throughout, freeing you to fully enjoy every moment.

Throughout our many years of travel, we’ve amassed a network of friends, connections, and vendor partners across the globe. With Birch in your corner, they’ll become your friends, too. We’ll be more than your event designers – we’ll be your liaison and concierge, your global partner for destination events without the hassle of logistics.

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All Over
The Map

We’re New Yorkers who love to travel. From faraway chateaus to wide-open warehouses, we’ve had the pleasure of designing immersive events in some of the world’s most distinguished and unusual spaces.

Of course, there’s plenty of inspiration to be found in our hometown, too. We’re regulars when it comes to transforming magnificent ballrooms, country clubs, and private estates in the Tri-State area.

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