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With Us,
Time is on
Your side

No matter what you want or when you want it, Birch is ALL IN. Over the years, we’ve become masters of making dreams into realities – and pulling off the magic in record time. Our team shares an ethos of over-delivering and exceeding expectations, always working fast but never sacrificing quality.

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Dreams into reality

The proof rests not only in remarkable florals and transformative staging, but in the nitty gritty of floor plans, linens, and every last finishing detail. When the doors open and your party walks in, a Birch design speaks for itself.

In Record Time

Nobody does a sprint better than Birch. We can pull off in days what it takes others months to accomplish, and we hardly break a sweat doing it. Since the beginning, we’ve set the tone for fast-paced work that keeps up with a fast-paced world, with no sacrifice to style or scale. It’s a muscle we’ve toned and tightened to perfection, and we’re always ready to flex.

Whatever timeline you’re on, this is our process.

Phase 1

We Learn About You

In our initial discussion, we get to learn all the gorgeous details about you, your event, and your vision.


You Learn About Us

With your initial interest comes a meeting with the team who will work on capturing your vision and making it happen. This is the time for dreaming, scheming, and sparking creativity.

See the Site

Birch takes a field trip to the place where your event will unfold. We like to get familiar with a space, no matter how near or how far, so we can plan with brilliant precision.


Share Your Inspo

While we’re on location, keep us updated on the designs and florals you’ve been obsessing over. You dream, we make it possible.

Concept & Design

With your inspo and the location stirring in our minds, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of concepting and designing your event.


Refine & Revel

We’ll share our designs with you, and you share your feedback with us. We’ll keep going until you’re completely satisfied with what we have in the works. After that, all you have to do is get excited for everything ahead.

Time to Hustle

The sweat, the drive, the grit… we wield it all to bring your event to life. We’ll be balancing all the moving parts of production and finishing up with a look that’s polished and effortless.


Time to Chill

While we’re working, you soak up every special moment leading up to your event. This is the time to relax, refresh, and refocus on the here and now.

We Execute

The day is here, and we pull it off without a hitch. Every detail, every angle, everything you need. Our work is only done once we’ve created the unexpected, the epic, and the authentic.


You Enjoy

Now’s the time to party. Your only job is to be fully present in the festivities and let our work dazzle you. You celebrate — and leave the rest to us.

The Birch

We design our services around your desires.

Full in-house production and creative means your dream can be a reality with any timeline. See what we’re capable of.

Birch by the Numbers

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If it's not
play, it's not

For all the elegance, glamor, and vitality of a Birch event, we are powered by the empathy and humility that brought us here. With substantive knowledge and an easygoing approach, we are ALL IN the moment we start your proposal.

The process begins with a one-to-one conversation that lets us in on your personal aesthetic or desired theme. Together we might explore a favorite muse, movie, or hotel lobby for inspiration, or look through fabric and pattern swatches to find common threads.

You’ll find we’re an agile team that never cuts a conversation short, and you can always keep us on speed dial. We’re here up until the very last minute — and far beyond it.

bring your vision to life

Design Across
The Globe.

From weddings and mitzvahs to galas and brand launches, Birch brings well-crafted design to the globe, setting the trend for events worldwide.

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