Job Description

This job is for the self-disciplined, super-organized, friendly and sociable. It is for those who care deeply about their work and about the company's success.

As the Client Relations & Studio Manager, you will:

Be responsible for all initial client experiences
(You are the first line of communication for clients. You will engage them in open and friendly conversation and have all of their questions answered, collect necessary info, and arrange follow-up calls or meetings.)

Professionally route client and vendor calls, emails, and walk-ins to the appropriate place, and follow up to ensure success/satisfaction

Determine efficient systems for handling routine tasks and for showroom management

Problem solve unexpected scenarios

Maintain office standards & supplies

Maintain company schedule

Write emails & proposals


Location: Our Brooklyn Studio

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm

There are opportunities in this position that may include creative tasks, event-related projects, and marketing. This will depend on your natural fit for these tasks and is not a guarantee. This role is long term and does not progress into a project manager or designer. The three fill different roles and work together with upper management to create a successful team.

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